Source Apportionment Studies

“Why: to quantify the share of pollution”
Source apportionment study, which is primarily based on measurements and tracking down the sources through receptor modeling, helps in identifying the sources & extent of their contribution. The Auto Fuel Policy document of Government of India also recommended for carrying out source apportionment studies.
The scope for source apportionment studies includes preparation of emission inventories, monitoring of ambient air quality for various pollutants (SPM, PM 10 , PM 2.5 , SO2 , NO x , CO, HC, VOC, etc.) at selected locations (locations covering different land use viz. residential, industrial, kerbside, background, etc.), chemical speciation of PM 10 & PM 2.5 as well as source emissions, application of receptor (CMB8) & dispersion models to assess the contribution from various sources, future projections and evaluation of various control options to develop cost-effective action plans.
GGMPL with its capability of air emissions sampling and comprehensive testing and extensive experience with a wide variety of sample matrices are profound in characterizing the quality and quantity of air contaminants.
GGMPL is proud to announce to complete such many project of source apportionment studies of many industries, industrial estate and commercial establishments.

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