Environment Audit

Environmental audits are systematic and objective assessments of the environmental status and performance of properties, facilities, processes, and/or operations. They are a valuable management tool which can be used to identify and assess environmental problems, and initiate corrective actions which ensure compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and internal management policies and practices. Environmental audits also can be used to assess the quality of the existing environmental management systems, and to foster additional initiatives to improve the environmental performance of a facility. Environmental audits are reviews of a company’s operations and processes for the purpose of assessing compliance with environmental rules and regulations.
The Honourable High Court therefore thought in the interest of Justice to introduce the Environment Audit Scheme where qualified technical professionals would become a link between the individual industries on one hand and the GPCB & other public authorities as well as association of industries on the other hand; with the added vital elements of accountability and transparency.
The Environmental Audit Scheme: The Honorable High Court of Gujarat introduced the Environmental Audit Scheme in its order dated 20/12/1996 with a view to:
  • Arming GPCB as well as the Association of industries in the concerned areas with the necessary information
  • Doing regular monitoring of different industries scattered in entire state of Gujarat from different aspects/angles.
  • Enforcing discipline amongst the industries.
GGMPL has an expertise in conducting environmental reviews and audits of organizations. The scope of the review can be as broad or as narrow as your requirements: from initial environmental reviews of entire organizations to waste compliance audits, feasibility studies and odour reviews. We can help our clients by conducting Environmental Audits as per the guidelines of State Pollution Control Boards. Our systematic audit reports can provide clients with guidance on measures to prevent pollution and save raw material costs through cleaner production techniques both at the primary stage and for an ongoing operation. Our Environmental Audit procedure encompasses Pre-Audit Activities, Activities on Site and Post-Audit Activities which effectively become a vital tool to provide our clients with an objective evaluation of how well the operation management systems are performing.

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