Environment Clearances

All  developmental activities are required to confirm to regulatory requirements to protect the environment and human health and safety.
The Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change with its 2006 notification divided all industries and construction project into A & B Category into defined criteria and made it compulsory for every new and expansion in industrial and construction project to get clearance from MoEF&CC for Category A Projects and State (SEAC) for Category B Projects.
At times of setting up an industry or undergoing expansions it is very difficult for the company to coordinate with the Government Bodies for getting all the necessary approvals. An application could attract several delays due to incomplete documentation related to the Environmental hazards associated with the process.
GGMPL with its team of experts made EC process so smooth and uninterrupted for industrial partner to get all the required approvals by meticulous documentation and coordinating with government bodies at several stages of the project.

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