Air Monitoring

The testing of ambient air, source and process emissions is very important aspect to maintain the quality of environment. GGMPL provides a broad range of air testing services. We are specialized in emission testing, ambient air testing, indoor air monitoring, VOC’s in workplaces and providing unsurpassed attention to detail.
GGMPL uses a large selection of methods, under approved quality systems and the relevant accreditation and approvals.
Emissions & stack Monitoring

GGMPL core capabilities lies in reliable emission sampling and analysis as per ISO-KINETIC Sampling

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

GGMPL specialize in innovative solutions to environmental challenges and continual improvement to routine

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

GGMPL evaluates Humidity, Air Exchange Rate, O2, CO2 in indoor environmental quality for non-industrial

Workplace Monitoring

Industrial air quality especially at the shop floor or workplaces are subjected to high quantity of toxic gases, dust pollutants, Volatile Organic Compounds

VOC Monitoring

GGMPL efficiency to analysed Total VOC’s and about 400 different type of specific VOC’s such as Xylene, Toluene, Benzene and many more in ambient air

Source Apportionment Studies

GGMPL with its capability of air emissions sampling and comprehensive testing and extensive

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